Il Kutjevački Traminac Ledeno del 2011 è stato votato come miglior vino dolce nella categoria dei vini dal costo massimo di 15 sterline al premio Decanter World Wine del  2013. Questo vino della Slavonia orientale è stato uno tra i 14.362 vini provenienti da 61 destinazioni in tutto il mondo in competizione quest’anno.

Kutjevo, a joint stock company specializing in production and trade of food products is a company with a long tradition going as far back as 1232. That year Cistercites, a church order founded in the French Burgundy, arrived to the region of Kutjevo and established an abbey named „Vallis Honesta da Gotho“, after which they built a wine cellar and started growing wine. The ensuing centuries resulted in changes to the cellar’s ownership and widening of the business activities. Contemporary business activities of Kutjevo d.d. encompass crop production, livestock breeding and vinegrowing, as well as the accompanying services. The company’s business units and its agricultural fields are situated throughout the fertile Požega valley (Valis aurea), where the very name of this region, originating in Roman times, suggests the preconditions for the production of supreme agricultural brands.