Frankfurt is many things, but not boring. For many, a perfect evening’s entertainment starts at a traditional apple wine pub. Others prefer to kick things off with an al-fresco barbeque. Later, when night has fallen, locals as well as out-of-towners like to continue their nocturnal activities with a cruise on the River Main or, alternatively, a visit of one of Frankfurt’s countless bars and clubs. Those who prefer a little less action and activity will be happy to hear that they too have plenty of options to choose from.


 The idyllic gardens of Sachsenhausen’s apple wine pubs are the perfect place to enjoy a meal and a refreshing beverage before diving into Frankfurt’s nightlife scene. Local favourites like frankfurters, the famous “green sauce”, loin chops with sauerkraut and – of course – traditional Frankfurt apple wine are available at most every pub, providing the perfect culinary basis for the rest of the evening. Frankfurt’s many traditional eateries are much loved by locals and visitors alike. Whether outside in the establishment’s beer garden or inside in a rustic dining room, most restaurants, pubs and taverns prefer the old-style wooden benches as seating. These promote social interaction with one’s neighbours and, in many cases, tend to lead to interesting conversation.

When barbequing on the Lohrberg or in the Ostpark, revellers make themselves comfortable on picnic blankets, folding chairs or on the cool grass itself. The Schiffsmeldestelle Höchst, just one of Frankfurt’s many popular leisure-time locations, offers visitors dozens of deck chairs, making it the perfect place to enjoy the coming of evening time. This oasis of green is also known to host live music concerts during times of fair weather. For the most spectacular views of a Frankfurt-style sunset, replete with the city’s unique skyline in the background, one should head down to the southern bank of the River Main, where this breathtaking scene may be absorbed from the vantage point of the riverside’s spacious sunbathing lawns. As the sun slowly disappears behind the city’s towering skyscrapers, Frankfurt begins to sparkle in the glow of thousands of lights. Having reached its luminescent highpoint, the skyline shows itself from its most beautiful side, bathed in the lights of a metropolis at night.

Two of Frankfurt’s more popular evening events are After-Work-Shipping and the Sky-Light-Tour. Operated by the Primus Line, these river cruises depart from the mooring at the Eiserne Steg footbridge, just a stone’s throw from the old town centre. The After-Work-Shipping cruise sets sail, as the name suggests, in the early evening. The Sky-Light-Tour, on the other hand, starts off on its cruise u


p and down the River Main a little later, either at 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm. On these cruises, passengers learn everything there is to know about the lighting concept of the city of Frankfurt, and much more. But beware! River cruises in Frankfurt are not just for sightseeing. Those looking to go clubbing at a location that is just a little bit out of the ordinary are urged to check out the MS Catwalk. This modern cruise ship, fitted by Porsche Design, offers guests an exciting club atmosphere, with the beautiful banks of the River Main serving as the scenic background. The exact dates and times of all of these cruises may be obtained from the websites of the respective event organisers.

Naturally, Frankfurt’s nightlife scene also features a wide range of clubs, which attract night owls throughout the year with a colourful programme of music and dance. The proprietors of the Zoom Club, for example, present primarily young, up-and-coming musicians. Silbergold, meanwhile, lures a younger audience to its dance floor with the latest techno-beats and other forms of electronic music. Gibson is one of the city’s newest clubs. It features a state-of-the-art light and sound system that is ideal for live music performances. Formerly known as the Cocoon Club, the new Moon 13 opens its doors to partygoers exclusively on weekends. The popular Hanauer Landstraße is also home to many other nightclub locations. Last but not least, Tanzhaus West plays electronic and alternative music while also offering various function rooms and a brightly illuminated courtyard.

Visitors of Frankfurt’s alternative clubs are known to prefer deep guitar riffs to electronic beats. Final Destination, for example, ranks amongst the classics of Frankfurt’s gothic and wave scene. Fans of rock and independent music, meanwhile, will find The Cave to their liking. Here, classic rock by bands like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Bad Religion rules the night. And then there’s the Dreikönigskeller in Sachsenhausen, which promises musical enjoyment for those who love live and alternative music in equal measure.

If all of this sounds a bit too heavy for your taste, rest assured that Frankfurt offers much more than just block-busting beats and hard rock. Looking for some chill time? Not a problem! Jimmy’s Bar, the hotel bar of the renowned Hotel Hessischer Hof, is a popular hangout for fans of cocktails and mixed drinks, taken amidst a casual and comfortable atmosphere. Nearby, you’ll find the Jazzkeller, a time-honoured institution amongst lovers of jazz and blues. Friends of variety and vaudeville, meanwhile, are urged to pay a visit to the internationally acclaimed Tigerpalast. Here, acrobats, jugglers, contortionists and other types of variety artists provide entertainment of the highest order, while the attached Tigerpalast Restaurant offers first-class cuisine that is bound to please every palate.

So whether you prefer your evenings to be leisurely or, on the other hand, a bit more exciting, in Frankfurt, guests are guaranteed to find the perfect place for a memorable night out. Come and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!