HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol is the body’s bad cholesterol clean-up crew, actually fusing with the bad type of cholesterol and carrying it to the liver for disposal. HDLs also act as antioxidants, shielding LDLs from the type of damage that promotes plaque.

You’ll enhance your HDL level if you regularly snack on a small handful of walnut halves and regular physical activity & exercise.

Kicking the cigarette habit can raise your HDLs.

Start your day with fresh fruits and grains such as oats that are high in soluble fiber. Eating 1 cup of Oatmeal (rich source of soluble fiber)  a day could lower your LDL 12 to 24 percent.

Consume fish, salmon, sardine and tuna as well as oysters, clams and mussels. These help lower LDL and improve HDL.

Use olive oil, sesame oil and grape seed oil that have ‘good fat’.

Eat a lot of anti-oxidant foods such as strawberries, apples, nuts, carrots, broccoli and spinach.

Use turmeric and curry leaves when cooking dishes. They have cholesterol lowering properties.

Grill 1 or 2 small cloves of garlic and take it daily with your main meal.

Boil water with 2 tsp coriander seed. Strain and drink this water twice daily. It helps reduce cholesterol, flushes out toxins, and improves digestion.

Fresh-squeezed orange juice can lower cholesterol. Participants in a recent study increased their HDL levels 21 percent and lowered their LDL/HDL ratio 16 percent by drinking 2-3 glasses a day for a month.

Magical Juice and Tea Recipes to reduce Total Cholesterol:-

2 carrots
2 celery ribs
2 green apples.

Blend together and drink fresh.

Green Tea , Hibiscus Tea- (can be enjoyed hot or cold)